Places I Shop

I have to admit I love to grocery shop.  I mostly hate to shop for things like clothes.  In many senses I am a typical guy when it comes to shopping in general, but I love to grocery and food shop.  Like many Europeans, I make my rounds almost everyday.  While I occassional stray outside of my norms, there are certain places I have found the best ingredients, the social responsibility that is important to me and my family, and the best deals.

Price Chopper – Rt. 50, Saratoga Rd, Glenville, NY – While I have many grocery stores to choose from in my area, I am 100% faithful to Price Chopper.  They are a Schenectady, NY based company and my faithfulness to them comes from my desire to support as many local businesses as possible.  I have nothing against any other chain and I am aware that some other stores are more “trendy.”  I shop as local as possible and that means a loyalty to Price Chopper.  Not to mention that they are a very socially responsible company and one I am proud to support because I know that my money is going to a company that is not only based locally but provides a huge amount of support to organizations in our community.

BASIC FOODS – Route 50, Saratoga Rd., Glenville, NY

spice-jarsI get all my spices at Basic Foods.  I get a few other items here that are typically hard to find at Price Chopper, like salt-free stocks, alternative milks and flours, things like that.  Basic Foods is locally owned and operated so I love that, but their spices are great quality as prices that beat Price Chopper.  Chain stores tend to sell expensively packaged, poor quality spices.  Basic Foods sells bagged spices I can put in my Spice Jars (canning jars) at home.  This reduces waste and I get a better product at a better price.


Predel’s Farm Market – Rexford, NY

We used to buy our meat at The Schenectady Green Market but found the prices very high.  We were ok paying those prices to get local meat and support local farms, but Predel’s Farm offers everything we want; local business, local farm, locally raised animals and butchered both humanely and locally.

Schenectady Green Market – Proctor’s Arcade/Winter – Jay St. Schenectady Summer/Fall

Farmer’s Markets are a great way to source great products.  We have found that many things can be very expensive there like the prepared foods, but we are able to support local farms and get great local products like eggs, milk, cheese, vegetables and things at reasonable prices.  They may be more money than Price Chopper, but they meet my social responsibility needs more closely and we are willing to pay something for that.