Blogging what I am cooking…

I started this 36 Pans blog to document the recipes that I made into dinner as a place to organize and store my own recipe.  I have an awful time with paper organization, yet on my computer I can find anything.  Every time I went to make something I could never find the recipe from the last time I made it.  Now I like to be creative and rarely make something the same way twice, but I wanted to at least be able to if I wanted to. Sometimes I made something really well but I could never keep track of it so each time I made something that special recipe was lost forever.

So my New Years Resolution for 2013 was to blog about my recipes so I could keep them and organize them and share them with my friends and family. For a few weeks, like any good New Years Resolution, I did it diligently.  But I found it very difficult to write the recipe down, photo document the steps and the process and then to blog about it.

It is often times hard enough to put a nice balanced, healthy meal on the table each night, let alone to do it with the added steps of keep track of the recipe and taking all the pictures and the edit the pictures and then blog it.  It went from the sometimes barely manageable job of getting the groceries and prepping and cooking to completely unmanageable. I am so behind, but I have lots to catch up on.


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