Happy Valentine’s Day Fondue

fondue-photo2Well, Biruk has back-to-back soccer games on Valentine’s Day. (Who planned that???) So I planned a (secret) Valentine’s Day for those I love.  Fondue.  I love Fondue so I thought fondue for my loves. Plus my niece Marika dropped by…extra fun! Cheese fondue for dinner and Chocolate fondue for dessert.

Fondue is rather simple but it makes a really fun meal and it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day for my Valentine if it wasn’t chocolate.

Price Chopper had the biggest, most beautiful red strawberries.  I also got tons of fruit (green apples, red apples, cantelope, pineapple, pear, bananas and the massive strawberries), veggies (blanched asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, raw carrots, raw red peppers) plus nicely cubed fresh bread from the bakery (white french loaf and whole wheat peasant bread), and Dunkin Donuts and Angel Food Cake to cut up and dip.


cheese-fondueCheese Sauce: – It isn’t fondue unless it is Gruyere and Swiss Cheese. Start your cheese sauce by melting a few tablespoons butter, and a a couple tablespoons flour like you are making a rue but not as thick.  Stir in 1/2 pound Gruyere, 1/2 pound swiss, a teaspoon mustard powder, a teaspoon granulated garlic, and one of granulated onion powder. Melting your cheese sauce slowly is the key to nice smooth sauce.  As you cheese gets nice and melty, add milk or light cream until it is the right consistency.

Cut up veggies, green apples and bread cubes.

Place the cheese sauce in a fondue pot or double boiler with some warm water under it.  You want to keep the sauce warm BUT NOT HOT while you are eating and dipping.

Viola! Dinner.

chocolate-fondueChocolate Sauce:

Stir one cup of whipping cream over low or medium heat.  Do not boil your cream.  Just get it warm and stir in chocolate.  If you use really nice unsweetened or bitter chocolate stir in a little sugar too.  As everything starts to melt add a little vanilla (sorry Marley – a lot of vanilla) and mix well until it is nice and creamy.

Put all kind of cut up fruit and cake on the table and your chocolate sauce in the fondue pan or double boiler.

Viola! Dessert!


Happy Valentine’s Day!




  1. What a great idea!! WHo needs “The Melting Pot” at exorbitant prices when we can have our own 70’s style dip party in the comfort of our own home!

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