Pork Fried Rice – Inspired by leftover pork chops

pork-fried-rice-photoSo we had a great meal at my mother-in-laws house for Saturday night dinner.  Great food, great company, and lousy football – the Ravens won…. oh well.

Besides my mother-in-law, there were just the four of us and she made about 35 pork chops.  Yes, I am exaggerating but not by much!  She made enough scalloped potatoes and sides to feed a small army.  The she insisted we bring the leftovers home.

Ok… but what in the world do you do with leftover pork chops????

I couldn’t think of a thing. Thank God for Google. All I had to type in is “what can you make with leftover pork chops?”   Suddenly .0288865 seconds later I had over one million solutions at my fingertips. I didn’t look at them all.  I didn’t need to.  I saw Pork Fried Rice and I knew that would be a hit in my house.  I redid my search this time with my specific dish in mind and I looked at a few but in the end… Martha won.  I selected this recipe as my guide:


I heated 2 approximate tablespoons of peanut oil in my closest wok like pan. When it was good and hot, I threw in a mixture of 3 eggs, lightly shaken with a tablespoon of soy sauce. I turned the heat down some and I let it cook until set.  Folded it up and transfered it to the cutting board to cool.

I added 2 approximate tablespoons of peanut oil, let it get nice and hot, and threw in a tablespoon of diced ginger, 4 cloved chopped garlic, a handful of diced onion, and the chopped up white part of a bunch of scallions, nice and hot mixing it up for a minute or so.  I added the infamous pork chops (chopped, although that seems like a given, into small semi-bite size pieces.) Lastly I threw in 2 handfuls of the grated carrots, and mixed it up so that everything got hot and no more.

Then I added 2 very generous cups of cooked rice – (more like 3), the chopped up egg thing I cooked earlier, and a few light shakes of the soy sauce.  A minute or so later I turned off the heat, added half a bunch of chopped green scallions and covered to set for a minute or two.

I served it with somewhat over cooked and almost mushy steamed broccoli – that wasn’t the design, but I was far too focused on mixing the pork fried rice and about two minutes after the timer went off I realized I forgot to turn off the water under the broccoli.  Darn it.

Cook On!


  1. Just wondering if you are keeping track of daily fat grams and salt intake allowance so you stay as healthy as you look.

    • Chad Currin says:

      I don’t obsess over it but I am very careful. I make things from scratch so I am not eating tons of MSG and corn syrup. I control fat and salt and use substitutes when poossible. Flavor first… cook on!

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