Ketchup – 3 days of catch up

Well, I knew I wouldn’t be able to make or blog about dinner everynight, but I was hopeful not to get behind and let this fade away into the great kitchen in the sky.

Friday night, joined my sister’s extended family at one of our favorite restaurants, Harvest and Hearth. This is one of our favorite places to go because the indoor pizza oven creates a nice warm, cozy atmosphere on a cold winter evening.

As usual we had a great meal and great company.  We were there to celebrate our Niece’s 20th birthday and return to college in India.  (Miss her already…)

I grew up in Niskayuna, NY as as such I am a huge fan of Homestyle Pizza. To compare Homestyle Pizza and Harvest and Hearth Pizza is like comparing two completely different food products.  I spent three years working in Nice, France at an Amusement Park – Zygo Parc and pizza is a HUGE deal in Nice.  Here too the pizza is a very different product.

One of my favorite travel foods is pizza and I have eaten at probably hundreds, if not thousands, of pizza places and rarely do two places taste anything alike.

We make a lot of pizza at home and I will certainly blog about our fun making homemade pizza when we do.

What is your favorite pizza joint and why?

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