36 Pans Introduction

36 Pans is about my experiences cooking for my family. Cooking is my passion, my hobby, and one of my great loves.  I love to go grocery shopping, prepare food, and serve it.  I like it to taste great, look great, and please those I serve.  I love to cook, but I don’t take shortcuts and I am not really looking for any.  I am not looking for “30 minute meals.” I am looking for fun cooking experiences and complex layers of flavor.  36 Pans comes from the fact that I joke that I can make any meal with 36 pans or less.

For a year I will be blogging about what I make for my family for dinner and my experiences in the kitchen.

A few things you may want to know about my style of cooking…

  1. I use cookbooks and online recipe websites as a guide only.  I usually have some recipe open but I never follow any recipe exactly.
  2. I am about flavor – not fat or calories.  I consider myself a health conscious person, but my food is not “low fat” for the sake of being “low fat.”  I cook for flavor.  If I can get rid of “bad things” without compromising flavor I will. I use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, but you would never know it from the taste.
  3. I am a omnivore.  We don’t eat meat every night, but we do eat meat.
  4. I try to use organic, local foods when possible.  “When possible” is the operative element.  I “mostly” follow a 100 mile diet.  I eat local meat from a local farm.  I use local vegetables when possible.  I source things close to home; local breads, local veggies, local meat, local food, but if I can’t get what I want locally, I get what I want from the best source I can find.
  5. I will always finish a meal using 36 pans or less.
  6. I always have a “soapy sink” so I can clean as I go and not leave a huge mess.

Join me for the adventure. Join me for the recipes.

Feel free to comment.  While I am mostly doing this for what I get out with it, I look forward to sharing this experience with you.


  1. Looks like fun, Chad. I’ll be watching as this builds.

  2. Looking good Chad. I hadn’t thought of making my own butter … will try it … I’m sure I’ll learn a lot watching your blog … thanks!

  3. Love love this site- I’m addicted!!!

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